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Top 5 tips for car care in hot climate from DEIZ

Car care is essential in hot climates, as high temperatures, sunlight and dust can have a negative impact on the condition of your vehicle. In order to maintain the original appearance of your car and extend its life, you should follow a few rules.


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Ferrari’s current model lineup for 2024

Ferrari is one of the most famous sports car manufacturers in the world. Its model lineup is always of great interest to connoisseurs of the automotive industry.


Top 5 places to visit around Dubai

In this article, we will tell you the five places near Dubai that a tourist should visit to get to know the region better, enjoy its nature, entertainment and atmosphere.


Top-3 cars for family rental in the UAE | according to DEIZ

Traveling with a family is a special time when it is important for everyone to feel comfortable. Therefore, it is important to choose a car that is suitable for this purpose. We have highlighted several models for a family trip.


The 5 most dangerous fines for tourists in the UAE

The Arab Emirates are known for their strict enforcement of rules and laws. Learn more about them to avoid problems and enjoy a safe vacation.


Top-5 supercars for rent in the UAE | by DEIZ

Discover the five sports cars available for rent in the UAE. Learn about their features and choose the right vehicle for an unforgettable trip around the Arab Emirates.


The best manufacturers of materials that protect your car | according to DEIZ

Find out which materials DEIZ uses to protect its customers’ vehicles from negative environmental influences and small mechanical damages.