Rent a 2023 BMW 740i (black) in Dubai

Description and specifications "BMW 740i black 2023"

BMW 740i is an example of vintage car styling, which has become not just a flagship, but a real icon of a whole generation of sedans from the legendary German brand. Smooth lines and external elegance, impressive dimensions and impeccable interior design embody belonging to the elite class. There is nothing superfluous either in the general appearance or in the interior decoration. And this perfection is complemented by incredible power and excellent driving characteristics.
Do you want to enjoy the beauty of Dubai from the window of a luxury car? Rent a BMW and travel in comfort.

3.0 L
Robotic 7
Acceleration to 100 km/h
4.5 sec
380 hp
Number of seats
Year of release

29+ days
1210 AED/day
8—28 days
1900 AED/day
3—7 days
2090 AED/day
1—2 days
2190 AED/day


Total cost "BMW 740i black 2023"
6270 AED

Club price
5643 AED

Terms "BMW 740i black 2023"

Your age
25+ y.o.
Your driving experience
3+ years of driving experience

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