Rent a 2022 Tesla S Plaid in Dubai

Description and specifications "Tesla S Plaid 2022"

As Elon Musk himself says, “Model S Plaid is faster than any sports car, more dynamic than any Porsche and at the same time safer than any Volvo.” Acceleration to 96.5 km/h in 1.99 seconds. The Model S Plaid can take you from point A to point B on its own without getting lost at the crossroads. This car knows how to change lanes, and is able to be in charge of steering, braking, and lane keeping. And you can call it closer to the store exit or give the task to drive into the garage on its own. A special feature is a unique steering wheel.

Acceleration to 100 km/h
2.10 sec
1,020 hp
Number of seats
Average range per change
600 km
Year of release

29+ days
1315 AED/day
8—28 days
1500 AED/day
3—7 days
1625 AED/day
1—2 days
1750 AED/day


Total cost "Tesla S Plaid 2022"
4875 AED

Club price
4387 AED

Terms "Tesla S Plaid 2022"

Your age
25+ y.o.
Your driving experience
3+ years

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