Why cars in the UAE get dirty quickly: reasons and solutions

Find out why cars in the Arab Emirates get dirty 3 days after washing and how to fight against it.


One of the main causes of rapid car pollution in the UAE is sandstorms. There are a large number of deserts in this country, and sand is often blown into the air by strong winds. Sandstorms can continue for several days, and during this time, cars are heavily coated with sand and dust. As a result, the surface of the car becomes dirty and looks unaesthetic.

Sea salt

Another factor contributing to the rapid pollution of cars in seaside cities is the existence of sea salt in the air. This leads to increased condensation of salt on car surfaces. When water evaporates, it leaves behind salt deposits, which then attract dust and dirt. As a result, cars quickly become covered in a layer of dirt and salt.

Heavy traffic

The UAE is one of the most developed autonomous societies in the world and this is affected by traffic congestion. The accumulation of cars on the roads leads to a large amount of exhaust fumes and dust. This negatively affects the appearance of cars and increases pollution.

Lack of rain 

There is very little rainfall in this region, which does not allow for natural cleaning of dirt and dust from the surface of the car. There are no more than 10 rainy days a year, and the amount of precipitation does not exceed 100 mm. And regular washing is expensive and time-consuming, so many drivers do not care about it.

Solutions to the problem

There are several ways to deal with the rapid pollution of cars in the UAE. Firstly, washing your car regularly will help keep it clean. Secondly, using special protective coatings and films on the car body will help prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt, as well as simplify the cleaning process. Many cars in the UAE are not adapted to local conditions and do not have special protective coatings, this is their main mistake. After all, in such conditions, additional means of protection is a mandatory item. Thirdly, it is recommended to regularly clean the interior of the car to avoid the accumulation of dust and sand inside. It is also necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of wheels and disks, as they are subject to particularly intensive contamination.

Thus, the main cause of contamination is local climatic factors and lack of special care. Pay extra attention to your car to keep it looking good throughout its entire life cycle.

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