Discover a new way of detangling and learn more about it to see if it's right for your car.

Peelable paint is a revolutionary in the way cars are customized and painted. It is also known as temporary or removable paint that can be easily removed without damaging the original surface. This type of protective and decorative paint is often used for various DIY projects. It comes in a variety of colors and can be applied with a spray can or paint gun.

The material creates a dense elastic film that protects the car body from climatic effects, light mechanical damage, UV radiation, bird droppings or lime, and prevents corrosion. First, the car surface is thoroughly degreased, then sprayed polyurethane is applied in 6-8 layers, on top of which a water-based paint is applied. This prevents it from forming a stronger bond with the original paintwork and makes it easy to remove.

In recent years, Peelable paint has become an increasingly popular way to transform a car and realize creative ideas. Here are the main advantages of this method of painting:

Cost benefit

This method is a cost-effective alternative. Instead of spending a significant amount of money on a new paint job and then having to remove it in a complicated manner, you can simply apply Peelable paint and easily change the color whenever you want.

Surface protection

Peelable paint can also serve as a protective layer for your car’s surface, helping to prevent various types of wear and tear. This makes it an ideal choice for car owners who want to protect their car while still being able to change the color or style.

Easy removal

One of the biggest benefits of this paint is the ease of removal. No more sanding or other time-consuming processes are necessary. And because the paint is removed without damaging the surface underneath, it’s a great choice for those who want to keep their car’s original look as long as possible.


Finally, this paint offers the opportunity for creativity and personalization. Since you can easily apply patterns, designs, or even company logos to it, giving your car a personalized look. Peelable paint is a great choice for those who want temporary changes. For example, you can use such paint for promotional purposes, to achieve the desired look, and then return the car to its original state after the promotion is over. 

In conclusion, Peelable paint is a great way to safely experiment with your auto. Its advantages over conventional painting methods make it an ideal way to change the look of your auto. This service is provided by the highly qualified specialists at DEIZ. Make all your ideas come true with our help!