Top-5 locations for a car photo shoot in Dubai

Looking for the perfect locations for a photo shoot? In this article we will present DEIZ’s personal top locations that will be the perfect background for your photos.

Old Town 

(25.2632030, 55.2935672) 

One of the most amazing and photogenic locations for a photo shoot in Dubai is its old city. You should go there for the unique atmosphere created at the intersection of history and modernity. Such photos will be different from what many people are used to in social networks when it comes to Dubai. It is necessary to choose a suitable car, which will become a bright accent against the background of ancient sandy buildings and drive through narrow streets.

Ain Dubai 

(25.0798720, 55.1193337)

One of Dubai’s most recognizable landmarks is located on Bluewaters Island. The ferris wheel is situated in a modern neighborhood, so if you choose this location, you’ll get extremely stylish GTA-style photos with lots of palm trees and modern minimalist buildings. And on the other bank you can see a lot of skyscrapers and the Persian Gulf flowing through. All this will make your shot incredibly colorful. Choose a car that suits your style and spend time exploring the island and taking pictures.

Palm Jumeirah

(25.0975698, 55.1281070) 

This sprawling tree-shaped island is the perfect location for a photo with your car. After all, it is home to luxury hotels, upscale high-rise buildings and upscale restaurants. Almost any corner of the island will provide you with a suitable colorful background. And on the waterfront, you’ll get a view of Dubai’s coastline and the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel, which has the outline of a sail.

Grand Zabeel Mosque

(25.2236546, 55.2995277) 

This mosque is a true masterpiece of architectural beauty, designed in the classical Arabic style. Its majestic appearance and intricate detailing will be a perfect backdrop for your shot. There are wide parking lots in front of the building, where you can find the right angle for your car.

Burj Khalifa

(25.1810301, 55.2451320)

This skyscraper is the most recognizable object in any photo taken in the UAE. However, despite its worldwide fame and many photos on the internet, this location still attracts tourists. As the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building, features amazing beauty with its nighttime illumination, and is simply a must visit location for photos from Dubai.

So, if you want to do a photo shoot with a car in Dubai, now you have plenty of stunning locations to choose from. Rent a car to your liking and go on an exciting photo journey!