The painting of car calipers is a cool trend in the industry

Let’s find out why so many people like this type of detailing, what advantages it has and who exactly suits?

Painted calipers not only give the car a stylish look, but also protect it from aggressive factors. We have highlighted several important advantages of this detailing.

Improvement of appearance

Painting calipers is one of the coolest trends in the automotive industry. More and more car owners want to make their car unique. Painting the calipers allows you to achieve this by adding bright color accents and giving the car its own personality. You can choose a contrasting color and logo to make the calipers stand out against the body or choose a shade that harmonizes with other elements of the exterior. In both cases, you will create a stylish form of your car. 

In addition, if you decide to sell it, painted calipers can hide signs of aging and making the car more attractive to potential buyers. And finally, painting calipers can be a great way to advertise – you can choose a color that matches your company’s brand style and attract the attention of potential clients on the road.

Method of painting calipers

There are several ways to paint car calipers. One of the most effective is the use of heat-resistant paints that withstand high temperatures and chemical exposure. These paints ensure the durability of the painted calipers and maintain the brightness of the color even with intensive exploitation. The paint is applied to the previously prepared surface of the calipers, creating an impressive and bright appearance. This is a great way to express your individuality, without the expense of buying new calipers, just changing the color of existing ones.

Painted car calipers – a new trend that not only gives an extremely stylish look to your car, but also has practical benefits. If you decide to paint the calipers of your car, you will need a quality and reliable service. Specialists at DEIZ will help create a unique look for your car, they are using only quality materials that guarantee durability and brightness of color.