Restrictions on technical modernisation of a vehicle in the UAE

Find out what restrictions are in place so you don’t accidentally break the country’s rules while modernizing your car. Keep yourself secure in front of the law and save time and money.

The Arab Emirates is known for its high standards of living. As such, many drivers want to upgrade their car as much as possible, not only visually but also technically, in order to stand out on the road. However, despite all its advantages, the Arab Emirates is also renowned for its strict regulations and restrictions, including those relating to the technical modernisation of cars.

The country has a special department for automobile safety, the RTA, which is responsible for controlling automobile traffic. The rules on technical modernisation of cars in the UAE are strictly regulated by this department, and any modifications must be approved and comply with safety and environmental standards. One of the restrictions in the technical modernisation of cars in the UAE is the prohibition on the installation of any devices that may affect the environmental safety of the vehicle. This can include installing exhaust systems that do not meet the country’s standards or devices that increase engine power beyond the authorised limits. There is also a prohibition in the UAE against installing tuning parts that could affect road safety or seriously alter the appearance of the car. For example, installing tyres that are too thin or low profile tyres that impair the car’s handling may be banned. It is interesting to note that there are also restrictions on window tinting in the UAE. If the level of darkening of a car’s windows exceeds the prescribed norms, the driver can be fined and his car will be withdrawn from service. A detailed list of restrictions and fines can be found on the RTA website.

In conclusion, restrictions on the technical modernisation of a vehicle in the UAE are an essential part of the regulations and requirements set by the government. They help to ensure safety on the roads and protect the environment from the negative impact of vehicles. Before buying a car or making technical upgrades, it is important to read the requirements to avoid problems and unexpected costs in the future. Also, don’t forget to notify the local authorities in time about any modernisation work carried out or just planned.

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