Reasons to use genuine spare parts for car maintenance in UAE weather conditions

Find out why it is so important to maintain your car with genuine spare parts in UAE weather conditions. In this article, we’ll cover the key benefits of using genuine parts and materials, and how they can help keep your car in top condition in extreme weather conditions. 

Advantages of using genuine spare parts and materials

Genuine spare parts and materials designed by the car manufacturer have a number of advantages over analogs. Firstly, they maximize compatibility with the car for optimum performance and reliability. Secondly, genuine materials undergo rigorous quality control tests to ensure their durability and safety. Thirdly, the use of genuine spare parts and materials helps to preserve the car warranty, which is an important aspect for owners of new cars. 

Protecting the car from extreme weather conditions

The UAE is known for its high temperatures, especially during the summer. Extreme weather conditions can adversely affect the car’s performance, so the use of genuine spare parts is particularly important. For example, genuine oils and filters are specially designed for high temperatures and ensure optimum lubrication and cooling of the engine. In addition, the genuine air filters effectively protect the engine from sand and dust particles that can penetrate the air cleaning system in desert conditions.

Increasing car durability

Regular car maintenance with genuine spare parts helps to significantly extend the life of the car. Genuine spare parts and materials have high reliability and durability, which allows to avoid breakdowns and repairs related to the use of low-quality and incompatible parts. In addition, genuine materials help prevent premature wear and damage to the car in extreme heat and sandstorms. 

Saving money in the long run

While genuine spare parts and materials may be a bit more expensive than their counterparts, using them can save you money in the long run. Due to the high quality and reliability of genuine materials, the car requires fewer repairs and replacements, which reduces maintenance costs. In addition, using genuine parts helps keep the car warranty intact, which can save you significant amounts of money in case of major breakdowns. 


Maintaining the car with genuine spare parts in UAE weather conditions has many advantages. They maximize compatibility, protect the car from extreme heat and sandstorms, extend its life, and save money in the long run. Therefore, when maintaining your car in the UAE, pay attention to using genuine parts and materials to ensure its reliability and safety