Rally of 25 cars across the 5 Arab Emirates!

The exciting story of how one of the best cars of this generation took a road trip through the scenic locations of the UAE.

On one day, 25 cars lined up in the center of Dubai. Drivers, ready for adventure, were waiting for the start of the rally through the 5 Arab Emirates. First in the head of the column were huge SUVs. Then followed sports cars. And behind them raced retro cars, all of which was a real work of art.

The start of the route passed through the magnificent city of Dubai, where skyscrapers competed in height and fountains danced to the beat of music. The convoy passed through the Persian Gulf embankment, leaving behind white yachts rocking on the water. The roar of engines resounded through the modern city while they headed for Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The shining skyscrapers of Dubai were soon replaced by the majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a true architectural masterpiece. There the drivers made their first planned stop to enjoy the beauty of this magnificent building covered with golden ornaments. Continuing their journey, the convoy headed into the Hajar Mountains, where the roads meandered between steep cliffs and green oases. At every turn, new breathtaking views opened up. Then the rally reached the famous emirate of Sharjah, where peace and calm prevailed. The drivers stopped briefly to enjoy white-sand beaches with crystal clear water and to take photos of the cars. The last point on the way was the most northern emirate – Ras al-Khaim. It is famous for its hilly landscapes and panoramic views to the Persian Gulf. Here, in the desert, the participants spent the whole night enjoying the silence and watching the stars that were shining brightly away from the city lights. In the morning, the convoy returned to Dubai, where they were met with applause from friends, fans and pedestrians.

The rally of 25 cars across the 5 Arab Emirates was a unique adventure that connected people and allowed them to see the beauty and diversity of these lands. They not only demonstrated the power of their cars, but also created memories together that will stay with them for the rest of their lives!