Car body polishing: what is it for and which one to choose?

Car body polishing is an important stage of car care. It helps not only to give the car a shine and depth of color, but also protects the paintwork from external influences. There are several types of polishing, each of which has its own features and purposes.

Let’s take a look at each of them:

1. Mechanical polishing

This polishing is performed using special abrasives and tools. It allows you to remove surface defects and scratches, restore the gloss of the paintwork and give the body a deep and rich shine.

2. Chemical polishing

It is carried out with the use of special chemical compositions that destroy dirt and oxides on the surface of the body. It is effective for removing stains, insect marks and other contaminants that cannot be removed by conventional washing.

3. Nano-polishing

Nano-polishing is one of the most innovative types of polishing. It is based on the use of nanotechnology and special nano-medications that create a protective coating on the body surface. This improves the hydrophobic properties of the body, protects it from scratches, dirt and UV rays.

4. Gloss polishing

Gloss polishing is aimed at creating a stunning shine and glossy effect on the car body. It is often performed after the main polishes to give the bodywork a perfect appearance and deep shine.

5. Preparatory polishing

This type of polishing is performed before applying various protective coatings. It helps to create a perfectly smooth surface for better adhesion of the protective compound to the bodywork and to provide long-lasting protection against external influences.

There are many brands that produce polishing products, but DEIZ are official representatives of Gyeon and use their premium materials for polishing.

In conclusion, the choice of the appropriate type of polishing depends on the condition of the bodywork of the desired result. Contact the professionals at DEIZ to keep your bodywork in top condition and protect it from damage.