Legendary classics in the UAE: cars with history

Сars with a rich history that have made a huge contribution to the automobile industry. They made their brand famous many years ago, and are still popular among collectors and retro fans today.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

This is a legendary maslcar that was produced from 1964 to 1977 and became one of Chevrolet’s most successful cars. The 1970 model is familiar even to those who are far from the automotive industry, as it is one of the main cars of Dominic Toretto in the movie “Fast and Furious 4”.

A year after the creation of the Chevrolet Chevelle, the company realized that it quickly needed to stand out among competitors, so engineers introduced a new V8 engine with a capacity of 7.5 liters and a power of 450 hp and torque of 500 Nm. In a matter of seconds it accelerated to 100 km/h, which made it one of the most powerful maslkars of that time. Then, in 1968, the creators decided to radically change the appearance of the car, they gave an unusual conical shape to the fenders and rounded shape of the body. The company tried to follow the trends of that time, so it stylized the door panels under the wood and covered the interior with vinyl. In 1969, the Chevelle was advertised as “America’s most popular mid-size car. In 1970, the body was changed to a more “square” shape.

Due to the environmental crisis of 1971, it was decided to use engines with a lower compression ratio, which made the power of the next cars lower. During 1973, the company tried to improve the safety of this model. They developed a thinner windshield for better visibility, made rubber inserts on the windows, strengthened the chassis, etc. In a few years, the developers added a more modern speed scale, installed spring suspension, redesigned the lighting, and modified the headlights. The cars were continually modified until the last year of production.

By 1976, the popularity of the Chevelle began to slowly decline. And in 1978 the Chevelle production stopped. Chevrolet produced about 6 million Super Sport coupes and only 2 thousand convertibles. Now this car is one of the most popular among collectors due to its appearance and rich history.

1966 Ford Mustang

This model from the pony car lineup is considered iconic among the classics of the American auto industry. The first generation of this car was continuously produced by Ford Motor Company from 1964 to 1973. The unsuccessful release of the previous model, the Ford Edsel, motivated the company to create something outstanding.

Lee Iacocke with a team of like-minded people was responsible for the development of this model. A special accent was made on the appearance of the car. Ford Thunderbird, which was loved by customers, was taken as a basis. At that time, few people could afford it, sales were not active and it was decided to create a new mass car with sporty features. As a result, the car was endowed with a long front bumper, a small background, pronounced wheel arches and a slightly sloping roof. There was also an accent on round headlights, a large grille and thin chrome bumpers. Later, the creators decided not to stop at the coupe and released the Ford Mustang fastback and cabriolet. At first, a 2.8-liter motor was installed inside the car. Then, in 1966, it was replaced by a 3.2-liter V6 motor with 120 hp. For an additional fee it was possible to get a configuration of up to 271 horsepower. The interior color options were offered in 34 different colors.

Overall, the Ford Mustang was a fantastic success – 263,434 copies were sold in just 9 months. And a year after the first copy left the assembly line, it was decided to show it in the movie. In 1965, the car took part in the famous film “Goldfinger”, being driven by James Bond. Since then, it has appeared in more than 500 movies.

1965 Porsche 911 

This is one of the most famous sports cars in the world, which is still the symbol of the Porsche brand. The model was produced from 1965 to the present day. And its signature features are reflected in each subsequent model. It is believed that the model has adopted not only from its previous predecessor – Porsche 356, but also from Volkswagen Käfer (Beetle) – the first mass-produced car created by Ferdinando Porsche. The numerical code of the model also has its own history, initially it was supposed to be “901”, but because in France had already patented the names of cars with the number “0” in the middle, the combination was changed to 911. And a little later it was kept as the main name, no matter how the body was changed.

Thus, the first Porsche 911 appeared in 1959 due to a team of 3 people: Ferdinando Porsche, Ferry Porsche and Erwin Komenda. It took two years to agree on the points of view and technological possibilities of production, and the final decision was made only at the end of 1961. The car was modernized not only visually, but also technically. The rear-engine layout was realized and an air-cooled opposition engine was installed. The first driving prototype was ready in February 1964. In 1965, sales began in Europe.

The first version of the model was fitted with a 2-liter V6 engine with a power of 130 hp and a five-speed mechanical transmission, it accelerated to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds, and the top speed reached 210 km/h. During the next four years after its release, the model was improved and more powerful motors of the same volume were installed. A year later, the company entered the U.S. market, at the same time releasing a new body modification in the form of a cabriolet. In 1968, a semi-automatic transmission Sportomatic was developed. In 1969 for the first time mechanical fuel injection Kugelfischer was used. Between 1970 and 1973 the engine displacement was gradually increased to 2.7 liters, and the most powerful model of the first generation – the Carrera RS with an anti-wing – was produced, this improved traction and made the car look even more sporty.

By 1974, 81031 units of various modifications were produced, including the Porsche 912. The Porsche 911 became the most mass-produced sports car in the world.

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