Interior car wrapping: benefits and specifics of the process

Find out more about how the whole process works, what its advantages and if the service is right for your car.

More and more drivers are paying attention to the exterior of their cars, but it’s important to take care of the interior too. Many drivers like to have a multimedia system on the whole front console, without film protection it will eventually look unrepresentable, as it will be covered with a spider web of scratches.

The trend of car interior tiling is gaining popularity, and it is understandable, because it has many benefits:

1. It perfectly prevents surfaces from dust, dirt, chips, scratches, scuffs, sunlight, etc. 

2. The film has a long operating period and does not need special care, the main thing is to follow the guarantee recommendations.

3. It is absolutely invisible on the surface despite its durability. 

4. The film helps to update the interior of the car. It is much faster and cheaper than restoration.

5. Removal is easy and does not harm the original surface.

6. The film gives the interior a unique look. Match the color and texture to your taste to create a stylish interior.

DEIZ specialists work with Legend PPF, which is a premium quality transparent glossy polyurethane film that has an excellent anti-gravel effect and covers the surface flawlessly. The interior of the car requires timely maintenance, if it is not carried out, the appearance will quickly become unrepresentable, and the elimination of accumulated defects will require a lot of time and money. Therefore, we advise you to use this service to prolong the life of your car interior.

The process takes place in three stages

1. Preparation: at first, the surface is carefully cleaned from dirt, then thoroughly degreased with special gentle solutions.

2. Covering: the masters measure all the details, then lay the film, heating it with a technical hair dryer to 110 degrees, then take away air bubbles with a spatula.

3. Fixation: at this stage, the extra material is cut off and the removable parts of the interior are put back on.

Interior wrapping is the most effective way to customize and protect the interior of your car and to extend the life of it. Contact DEIZ for professional service!