Read these instructions to get your driver's license as soon as possible!

Driver’s licenses are an integral part of mobility and independence in the Arab Emirates. Getting one may seem like a complicated process, but it’s actually quite simple. 

Locals and foreigners go through the same stages:

  1. Register with a driving school licensed by the RTA
  2. Pass an eye test
  3. Learn the theory and pass the test
  4. Practice and pass the test
  5. Successfully pass an official examination at an RTA-approved location

Required documents

The first step in the process of obtaining a driving license in the UAE is to provide all the necessary documents. You will need: a passport and its copy with a resident visa (for foreigners); Emirates ID and its copy (for locals); a medical certificate from an ophthalmologist; 4 photos sized 3×4; a copy of national driver’s license (for foreigners); receipts for testing fees.

Training courses

After providing the necessary documents, you should complete the training and pass the exam. As part of your driving school, you take a theory and practice test, and only after that you are allowed to take the official exam from the RTA. There are many driving schools in the country that offer such services. Usually, the courses include theoretical training and practical sessions on the track. The duration of the training varies depending on your driving record, for example, people with no experience will require 40 hours of training, 2 to 5 years of experience – 30 hours, more than 5 years of experience – 20 hours.


The entire process will cost 4500-7000 AED, including administrative fees. The final cost largely depends on the number of your attempts – you will have to pay separately for each of them. The cost of training in a driving school depends on the prestige of the institution and your driving experience, the more years you have been driving, the lower the payment.

Golden Visa Privilege

Holders of this visa are not required to undergo training. They simply need to present their valid driver’s license, take a vision test, and pass the test. In this case, the cost will be 220 dirhams for passing the RTA test, knowledge and innovation.

Golden Chance Program

The program is currently suspended. Until recently, the authorities made it possible to obtain a category B license without taking courses. Drivers were given only one attempt to pass the theory and practice exam. If it was successful, you were given the rights.

Please note that tourists who plan to spend no more than 1 month in the UAE can rent a car with an international driving license. For example, the DEIZ company provides this opportunity to our clients. However, if you plan to drive the car for a longer period of time, then having a local license is mandatory.

Citizens of 32 countries have the opportunity to exchange their license without taking an exam, you can find a detailed list on the RTA website.

Now you know how to get a driver’s license in the UAE for both categories of citizens. Go through the above steps to enjoy the freedom of traveling in the United Arab Emirates!