How can a tourist pay for parking in Dubai?

Check out a few ways to make this procedure as easy and quick as possible.

There are both paid and free parking lots in Dubai. You can recognize them by the road signs and markings. Paid parking lots are municipal and private. The first category is served by RTA (Roads and Transportation Authority). The cost per hour depends on the length of stay, neighborhood and type of parking. Payment is charged from 08:00 to 22:00. You do not have to pay during night hours, on Fridays and on holidays.

Types of parking lots

Parking lots from RTA that are located in the central areas of Deira, Jumeirah, Bur Dubai, Dubai Marina, etc. will cost between 3 and 4 AED per hour. In more populated areas, prices start from 2 AED per hour and depend on the duration. Please note that you can park your car along the sidewalks for no more than 4 hours, parking for a day and beyond is available in surface parking lots.


There are several ways of payment: parking meter, sms, app. If the parking meter is new, you will only need to enter your car license plate number into it, and the information will be immediately entered into a unified electronic database. An old parking meter will print out a ticket for you, which you will need to put on the panel of your car. Parking machines accept only local travel cards and coins. If you decide to pay via sms, the necessary amount will be deducted from your balance, send a message to 7275 with the car number, parking code and idle time. Paying through the app is also easy, download “RTA Dubai”, the clear interface will tell you what to do. Private parking lots belong to hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and other public places. The price per hour is different everywhere, somewhere customers are given free parking time.


Don’t forget to pay or prolong your parking on time, you will get a fine for violating the rules. Unpaid parking will cost 150 AED, parking in an inappropriate place will cost 200 AED and parking in a handicapped space will cost 1000 AED. You can check your fine at, but payment can only be made by local credit card. 

We hope this information will help you save time and avoid unnecessary complications while parking. Rent a suitable car in DEIZ and enjoy your trip!