Consequences of incorrect film application on the car

Check the list of problems that can be caused by low-quality film or bad installation on the car body. Recognize the defect in time to protect yourself and your car.

Protective film is a popular way to cover your car bodywork from minor scratches, chips and other damage that can occur in the course of use. However, a bad quality film or its improper installation can lead to a number of negative consequences for your car:

1. Low quality film can create an unattractive appearance. If it is installed with bubbles, creases, obvious joints, stretches or other defects, it can greatly spoil the impression of the car, reducing its value. Installation defects are more often seen on corners and protruding parts of the car.

2. Poor quality film can lead to body protection problems. If the film is not strong enough or has poor adhesion to the surface of the vehicle, it may not perform its protective function, which can lead to damage to the bodywork during use.

3. Bad film leads to difficulties in future removal. If the film is poorly bonded or low quality materials are used, this can make removal more difficult in the future, and the surface of the vehicle may be damaged when attempting to remove it. In this case, the driver will face additional repair and painting costs.

4. Sunlight damage. One of the main functions of car tinting is to protect against UV rays. A bad tinting may not provide proper protection, which will result in burned-out areas on the car body.

5. If during installation the master did not sufficiently degrease or clean the surface, dust and dirt will be clearly visible under the film.

There are three main types of film: tint, vinyl and polyurethane. Whichever one you choose, it is essential to buy it from a manufacturer that has a good reputation in the market. We recommend several companies: for tinting – NanoCare; for vinyl – Avery Dennison, Oracal, KPMF; for polyurethane – Legend PPF and SunMax. All of them have worthy characteristics, which are expressed in the production of high quality and durable material.

In general, a car body protection film is a great way to preserve the appearance and extend the life of the car, but it is important to choose quality materials and have it installed by a professional. Bad installation or low-quality film can lead to serious problems that will cost the car owner significant time and money. This service is provided by highly qualified specialists at DEIZ.