Ceramic car leather protection: features and advantages

Ceramic treatment is a reliable method for maintaining the appearance and durability of your interior. Learn about the benefits and features of this kind of detangling.


This treatment of the car interior allows you to achieve reliable protection from possible damage and preserve an attractive appearance for a long time. It provides a high degree of hydrophobicity, protects against UV rays and prevents stains and scuffs on the leather surface.

1. Ceramic has a number of advantages that make it the choice of many drivers. 

2. It provides long-lasting protection against mechanical damage such as scratches, scuffs, cracks, which allows you to maintain the original condition of the leather for a long time. 

3. Ceramic coating has a high degree of hydrophobicity, which means that water and other liquids are not absorbed into the surface of the skin and do not accumulate inside, but roll off in the form of droplets. This simplifies the process of caring for the interior and prevents the formation of stains and streaks. 

4. Ceramic coating protects the leather from UV rays that can lead to discoloration. 

5. It helps to renew the color and make the shade more intense. In this way, the car interior remains bright and attractive for the entire life of the car.


The application of ceramic protection to the skin of a car requires qualifications and special skills. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared before applying the product. It is important to make sure that the skin is free of dust, dirt and grease deposits. The specialist then applies the ceramic composition using special tools and materials. DEIZ is a certified partner of GYEON from South Korea. For this service we use a modern product GYEON Leather Shield. After that, it is necessary to wait a few hours for complete drying. The result is a durable and invisible coating that will protect the interior of your car for a long time.

This detailing allows you to extend the lifetime of leather surfaces and preserve their attractive appearance. This service is performed by highly qualified specialists at DEIZ.