Body Kit: history of appearance and its types

Learn more about this tuning to find out if your car needs this modification.

Body Kit is a modification set that allows you to change the factory appearance of your vehicle. It consists of many parts including front and rear bumpers, sills, spoilers, and other body parts. Body Kit can be installed on cars of different brands and models, and is one of the most popular ways to give your car a more stylish and sporty look. And its components are designed to complement each other and combine as a single design. The main purpose of such tuning is to give the car a personalized look. However, body kits are designed with aerodynamic characteristics and can improve the stability of the car at high speeds, as well as protect it from light mechanical damage.

The history of body kits

The origins of their appearance go back to the beginning of the first half of the 20th century. A good example is a typical Australian tuning, where drivers installed a special protective structure on the front part of the bumper to protect the radiator from damage when colliding with animals. Often kangaroos, which have a large muscle mass, jumped out on the road and crashed into the hood, therefore the name of the dodger – kangurin. Then such a body kit was used to add brutality to the car. Later, it was banned because in case of an accident, it causes additional damage to the pedestrians.

Types of body kits and their manufacturers

Details are made of different materials: carbon, which is divided into forged, dry and wet, plastic and fiberglass. At the moment there are several market leaders in this direction: Mansory – a German company founded in 1989, is engaged in the modification of SUVs, sports cars and motorcycles. In addition to external restyling, the company improves the driving characteristics of cars; Brabus – the world’s largest tuning atelier, located in Germany. It was founded in 1977, it is a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz Group, specializes mainly in engine and body tuning; Renegade – a company founded in 2005, is engaged in the production of tuning kits for premium cars. Some of their projects have been put into serial production; ABT Sportsline – founded in 1991 in Germany, specializes in tuning cars produced by subsidiaries of Volkswagen AG. It is involved in modification of sporty running gear, tuning of electronics, as well as aerodynamic and external body modifications.

Our company buys only original body kit parts from these manufacturers and installs them on the cars of our customers.

In this way, a Body Kit is a great opportunity to change the appearance of your car. Its selection and installation requires professional knowledge and skills, contact DEIZ for highly qualified service!